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MedShr docsearch gives you everything you can get from PubMed and so much more, with real time AI insights and analysis alongside your search results. Our super smart search filtering and results pages will surface insights that increase the power of your research and save hours.

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MedShr docsearch analyses over 40 million biomedical citations, 108 million biomedical relationships and 4.9 million medical concepts. In addition to citations from PubMed (33.0 million) and PubMed Central (3.3 million), we search:

  • (397,707 citations)

  • COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (602,895 citations)

  • DailyMed (145,635 citations)

  • EPAR (1,639 citations)

  • WHO ICTRP (740,449 citations)

  • Medical Congresses (95,773 citations from 24 sources)

  • Medical research and news RSS feeds (1.2 million citations from 495 feeds)

Clinical and Academic Corporate

Medical societies, Healthcare providers, Health Ministries

We can provide group or corporate MedShr docsearch membership for all your members or employees to support their clinical practice, research, and academic work. Our technology makes it easier to analyse published medical evidence and rapidly review complex scientific literature, helping to improve understanding and performance.

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