MedShr and CRF at the Structural Heart Disease Summit 2018!

MedShr is working with CRF to support the Structural Heart Disease Summit 2018, bringing together 10 years of experience from TVT with a live case demonstration course on LAA and PFO in Chicago from 20-23rd June. The event features:
  • Comprehensive training with live cases
  • Tips and tricks for TAVI, mitral, LAA and PFO interventions
  • The latest technology and devices in structural heart disease
Delegates can connect with colleagues around the world in the CRF Structural Heart Disease Summit Group on MedShr. The group includes cases from the conference as well as MedShr-CRF competition entries. Structural-Heart-Disease-Summit

MedShr Structural Summit Case Competitions

To enter, download the MedShr app and submit your interesting structural intervention case in one of the following categories:
  1. Valve interventions
  2. LAA interventions
  3. PFO and ASD interventions
Once you have created your case, email with a link to it, to confirm that it is a competition entry. You can do this using the share button at the top of the screen. Cases that have already been submitted as Challenging Cases to the Structural Summit, can also be entered in the MedShr Case Competitions. Judging will be based both on how the case is presented and the online discussion and engagement relating to it. Winners will be announced during the Structural Summit 2018 with prizes for the best cases with the most engaging discussion. Prizes include free subscriptions to TCTMD Gold, tablets or Go-Pros! Download the MedShr app to get started and share your case today! For Case Competition Rules, Terms and Conditions click here.

Structural Heart Disease Summit

CRF Structural Heart Disease Summit Group on MedShr

Take a look at the cases in the CRF Structural Summit 2018 Group on MedShr and share your views on strategy and techniques.

MedShr and CRF

CRF has partnered with MedShr for clinical case discussion, and to move this away from Twitter, Facebook and other open social media channels. Whilst these are convenient, they do not protect patient privacy. There are even risks with WhatsApp groups, because although the messaging is secure, shared images are stored in the user’s phone photo library. MedShr has previously collaborated with CRF on the Chronic Total Occlusion Summit 2018. MedShr is the private, professional network, developed for verified medical professionals to discuss clinical cases. It allows you to share your clinical images and cases in a safe way that is GMC and HIPAA compliant. MedShr is growing rapidly with over 500,000 members in 180 countries, including 30,000 Cardiologists.

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