MedShr Global Tumor Boards launching at ASCO 2018

Global_Lung_Cancer_Tumor_Board Tumor Boards and Multidisciplinary Meetings (MDMs) bring together the team of professionals involved in the diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer patients. Typically they include oncologists, radiologists, cancer surgeons, specialist nurses and relevant physicians such as gastroenterologists or chest physicians. These meetings consider a patient’s symptoms, clinical signs and investigations, and plan tests and treatment both at the start and during the course of a patient’s cancer care. MedShr is now extending these real world meetings into Global Tumor Boardsconnecting cancer teams around the world with the central aim of sharing knowledge and skills to improve patient care. These MedShr groups allow you to share and discuss cancer cases in a unique, international online MDM that is HIPAA, GMC and GDPR compliant with over 500,000 members around the world. [embed][/embed] MedShr Global Tumor Boards will launch at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting in Chicago on 1-5 June. ASCO’s Annual Meeting brings together over 30,000 oncology professionals to discuss the latest treatment modalities, therapies and controversies in the field. This is a great opportunity to join the MedShr Global Tumor Boards and connect with other cancer specialists to share your knowledge, experience and opinions.

MedShr Global Tumor Boards

Join the discussion around these complex cases:

Global Prostate Cancer Tumor Board:

Explore some of the latest Prostate Cancer cases:

Global Lung Cancer Tumor Board:

Discover the most recent Lung Cancer cases:

Global Colorectal Cancer Tumor Board:

Discuss these Colorectal Cancer cases:

Global Breast Cancer Tumor Board:

Check out the latest Breast Cancer cases:

How to Join a MedShr Global Tumor Board?

Create a case from your own clinical work today and invite colleagues to discuss it with you on a MedShr Global Tumor Board. This will allow your team to save time by engaging in case discussion without the need to be in the same room. Additionally, MedShr’s groups allow you to benefit from the discussions occurring around ASCO AM 2018 even if you are not attending the event. [embed][/embed] MedShr is fully HIPAA, GDPR and GMC compliant so this is the safest way to discuss patients and decide upon their treatment plans whilst protecting their data. Cases can be illustrated with scans and clinical images and updated as needed, for example post-op following a lumpectomy to evaluate the need for further radiotherapy. MedShr can also provide private groups for your hospital, group or specialist teams. For further information MedShr Global Tumor Boards or would like give some feedback, please contact Dr. Rosie Barnett at About MedShr Developed by doctors, MedShr is the easiest and safest way for medical professionals to discover, discuss and share clinical cases and medical images. The network has over 500,000 members in 180 countries and covers each clinical specialty. Download the MedShr app for free from the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, you can register on the website.  

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