MedShr and BCIS – Interventional Cardiology Case Discussion

MedShr is now working with BCIS – the British Cardiovascular Interventional Society – to connect its members through clinical case discussion.

The MedShr app enables doctors to post clinical images and cases from their every day clinical practice. Launched in 2015 MedShr is growing rapidly with a GDPR and GMC compliant network of over 800,000 members in 190 countries, working in partnership with a wide range of national and specialist societies, healthcare providers, NHS organisations and Health Education England.

Join the BCIS MedShr Group here to share and discuss your interventional cardiology cases and images.

The British Cardiovascular Intervention Society (BCIS) is a national society with global impact in education, training and audit. It held its first meeting at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London in 1988 with the aim of establishing a regular meeting forum for those interested in interventional cardiovascular procedures.

At that time, coronary angioplasty was still in its relative infancy in the United Kingdom, with a national total of just over 5,000 procedures undertaken that year. Twenty years later, over 77,000 percutaneous coronary interventions are performed each year in the UK and many other procedures for valvular and other structural heart disease are firmly established.

Case conferences and discussion are an essential part of good interventional cardiology practice, and MedShr supports this with an easy to use app and website. Cases can also be accredited for CPD if they meet key criteria, and a member can save their MedShr case discussions to their portfolio or appraisal folder.

MedShr Founder Dr Asif Qasim is a member of BCIS and keen to support the society.

“It’s great to connect BCIS members through case discussion, and our MedShr-HEE Fellows can look at how MedShr could support Interventional Cardiology Training and Education in the UK, including local and remote mentoring for trainees. ”

Dr Philip Freeman and Dr Kevin O’Gallagher will be coordinating the MedShr group. Please contact the them directly or the MedShr team at for further information.

Explore some of the latest cases in the group

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