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Clinical discussion in cardiac arrhythmia

We’re working with the Arrhythmia Alliance to support clinical discussion and invaluable education around cardiac arrhythmias. The Arrhythmia Alliance supports awareness, diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias through regular Cardiac Update Meetings and the annual Heart Rhythm Congress.

We’re supporting these meetings through the Arrhythmia Alliance Discussion Group. Members can connect to fellow attendees in this group, and discuss cases on arrhythmia topics from meetings. This group offers a unique opportunity for doctors to reflect on their clinical practice in a GMC compliant environment, and to discuss a range of arrhythmia patient cases with other UK cardiologists.

Join the Arrhythmia Alliance Case Discussion Group 

Cardiac Update Meetings and Heart Rhythm Congress

These are important meetings for cardiologists and HCPs, as they are an opportunity to share best practice and information on device and drug treatments around atrial fibrillation, syncope or other heart rhythm problems. This year’s agenda covers topics like the role of digital technology in “Detect, Protect, Correct”, managing SVT, risk management of AF, prevention of AF-related stroke, and interactive ECG scenarios; to name a few. 

Click here to register for a Cardiac Update Meeting near you. See some upcoming meetings below:

There is also the Heart Rhythm Congress taking place 6-9 October 2019 – learn more here

Attendees can share tips and tricks from their own clinical practice, alongside insights from the meetings in the Discussion Group. Delegates also have the opportunity to obtain CPD credit for cases posted in the MedShr group. If you’re unable to attend, this Group gives you the ideal space to keep up with discussions from key topics at the 2019 meetings.

Explore trending cases in the Arrhythmia Alliance Discussion Group:

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