The Editorial Team is growing here at MedShr

The editorial team is growing here at MedShr!

This week we’re introducing Vikkineshwaran, one of our Associate Editors, a final year medical student from MAHSA University Malaysia currently affiliated to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for his clinical training.

He is also co-chairman of the student-led organization, Malaysian Medics International (MMI). Vikkineshwaran has a keen interest in oncology and healthcare management and aspires to become a surgical oncologist. 

MedShr: What do you love about your job?

Vik: As the co-chairman of MMI I work towards achieving the 3 goals of MMI, which is to Connect, Educate and Cultivate Malaysian Medics. I connect medical students from various schools both locally and overseas. I get to educate medics on the current happenings in the Malaysian healthcare system which concerns us. I also help medics work towards cultivating their ambitions by organizing events which can help improve students knowledge on specialization opportunities, planning research, and providing premeds with guidelines on applying for med school and shadowing opportunities.

MedShr: What is your favourite case on MedShr?

Vik: I’m fascinated with many of the cases published on MedShr and it’s hard topick just one, but at the moment I am following very closely the breast cancer case published by my colleague, Tzen Szen.

MedShr: How do you think MedShr could help medical students?

Vik: MedShr will be a really useful site for medical students, it gives them exposure to interesting cases and also a chance to connect and communicate with the many medical experts who are part of MedShr.

Connect with Vik on MedShr!

You can also find him on Facebook and Linkedin.

Vik’s Articles:

 American Physiological Society, Finalist in the Medical Student Video  Competition, year 2013

 Mention for role as Medical Student Ambassador for HIV awareness in        Malaysia year 2010/11

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