NHS70: National Health Singers Won’t Let Go!

To celebrate the NHS’s 70th birthday on 5th July 2018, the National Health Singers released new single ‘Won’t let go’. The song aims to raise awareness of the current threat to the NHS, increase positivity and lead the fight to protect our National Health Service. The National Health Singers are a choir of doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and public supporters of the NHS. The choir was founded to unite the health services and the public through the beauty of music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paUzAOCw228&feature=youtu.be The song was created with Mark De Lisser (known for The Voice and recently arranged ‘Stand by me’ for the Royal Wedding), songwriter Clare Dove and producer Samuel Cramer. Music video created by William Walsh and single artwork by Victoria Watson.

Protecting our NHS

The NHS is this country’s best-loved and most treasured asset. We want people singing from the rooftops that we, as a nation, are holding on to the NHS and we won’t let go. “Every time we speak up, they don’t want to hear us, try to make us quiet… We’ve got to get louder, make them know we’re proud of everything we stand for… Trying to make us powerless, we’ve got almost nothing left, still they want to break it, break it, break us down. We’re not giving up like that, we’ve got something made to last and we’re not going to take it, take it lying down.” Since 2010, the NHS has faced cuts of £40 billion, and in 2016 a report by the British Medical Association (BMA) found regional plans for re-organising the NHS will have to deliver an additional £22 billion in cuts by 2020/2021. Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to give £20 billion to the National Health Service ahead of it’s 70th birthday, however Founder of the National Health Singers Dr Julia Patterson says this is just not enough. “The government’s recent pledge […] isn’t really going to touch the sides given that they have already cut £40bn and those cuts are continuing, there are plans for more cuts, and more efficiency savings.” “We feel the NHS’ 70th birthday is a time to reflect on all of that, and recognise that we need to protect the NHS and the public needs to stand up and start defending it”.

One of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world

Despite all the difficulties it faces, the Commonwealth Fund data show that the NHS is one of the most efficient and effective healthcare systems in the world, and that is in spite of spending restrictions for health and social care under the banner of austerity. In comparison with the healthcare systems of ten other countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and USA) the NHS was found to be the most impressive overall by the Commonwealth Fund in 2017. The NHS was rated as the best system in terms of safe care, affordability and equity. It was also ranked first in the ‘care process’ category, which encompassed preventive care, safe care, coordinated care and engagement and patient preferences. We should truly be proud of our NHS and work together to save this precious institution. We stand together with the National Health Singers in letting everyone know that ‘we won’t let go’! Listen, sing along or dance to it on Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Google or Apple Music. National Health Singers About MedShr Developed by doctors, MedShr is the easiest and safest way for medical professionals to discover, discuss and share clinical cases and medical images. The network has over 500,000 members in 180 countries and covers each clinical specialty. Download the MedShr app for free from the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, you can register on the website.  

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