Escalating care in COVID-19

Rachel Amber Coles
This article summarises WHO guidance on coronavirus management relating to escalating care.

Do face masks stop spread of coronavirus?

Rachel Amber Coles
Read a commentary by Prof Asif Ahmed on available evidence surrounding use of face masks to prevent spread of COVID-19 in public. joins NHS Project OASIS

Asif Qasim is now supplying anonymous data to the NHS through Project OASIS and has assessed to the NHS Digital Health Technology Standard

Coronavirus: NHS COVID-19 Deaths Analysed

Asif Qasim
This analysis of COVID-19 deaths in NHS workers looks at mortality in healthcare professionals in the UK.

#COVID19 How to fit check your FFP mask

Asif Qasim
A quick guide on how to fit check and store your FFP mask

#COVID19 Resuscitation of in hospital cardiac arrest in COVID19 patients: a futile exercise?

Asif Qasim
Data from Wuhan shows very poor outcomes from in hospital cardiac arrest - only 2.9% survival to 30 days, 0.7% with good neurological outcome.

#COVID19 Should we re-use N95 FFP masks?

Asif Qasim
Multiple mechanisms are available to re-sterilise and re-use N95 masks

#COVID19 Why should HCPs wear FFP masks?

Asif Qasim
Why should doctors, nurses and HCPs wear FFP and not surgical masks?

COVID19: Simple, successful modelling of a human tragedy

Asif Qasim
Douglas Isles has produced a simple, reductive model that forecasts COVID-19 deaths
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