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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: The burden of the developed world

MedShr Editor
Non-alcoholic liver disease (NAFLD) is hepatic steatosis in a patient without a secondary cause for fat accumulation within the liver. What are the clinical manifestations of NAFLD and how should we manage these patients?

New COVID19 education programme for doctors in Africa and Middle East

Janis Curry
MedShr’s new COVID-19 education programme for Africa and Middle East to include teaching cases, local data and guidance for managing COVID-19 patients in resource-poor environments.

Get Ready for the ExCel London: Nightingale Hospital

Samantha Goh
The ExCel London exhibition halls to be converted into a temporary new hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mini Medical Quiz Challenge

Janis Curry

MedShr's Highlights from ESC Congress 2019

George Ulmann

The Cardiovascular Effects of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists: A Literature Review

Teniola Salisu

This week at MedShr: #SportsInjuryWeek!

Teniola Salisu

MedShr in a refugee camp: a junior doctor's perspective

Stefania Gancitano
When I began applying medical theory to practice for the first time during my internships as a medical student, I realised that it was so much more complex than what the textbooks prepare you for. I relied on the support and guidance of more experienced doctors, and I learned a lot during this time. However, I always wondered if other doctors had experienced similar cases and how they had managed them. I was also fascinated by medicine in different countries around the world.

Protecting patient privacy in the digital age

Stefania Gancitano