MedShr Clinical Leaders new Program Coordinator - Dr Dan Livingstone

Asif Qasim
Dr Daniel Livingstone appointed as new Program Coordinator for MedShr Clinical Leaders

MedShr Poll Competition

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To celebrate the launch of MedShr Polls, we are giving MedShr members a chance to be featured on MedShr and to win a $100 Amazon gift card. joins NHS Project OASIS

Asif Qasim is now supplying anonymous data to the NHS through Project OASIS and has assessed to the NHS Digital Health Technology Standard

COVID-19 Respiratory Assessment

Asif Qasim
A step by step online guide from Gloucester Hospitals NHS Trust to Respiratory Assessment for COVID-19

NICE COVID-19 RAPID Guideline - Critical Care

Asif Qasim
The purpose of this guideline is to maximise the safety of patients who need critical care during the COVID-19 pandemic, while protecting staff from infection.

Only the paranoid survive: 10 Lessons from Taiwan

Asif Qasim
Only the paranoid survive! 10 tips on why Taiwan has been successful handling COVID-19

UK Pandemic Scientific Group: 12 months Social Isolation

Asif Qasim
Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling suggest the restrictions will have to last much longer.

MedShr COVID19 Updates - 12noon GMT daily

Asif Qasim
Announcement by Dr Asif Qasim about MedShr Daily Updates by MedShr Open - providing trusted professional information about the COVID-19 pandemic including coronavirus guidelines, up-to-date statistics, research, evidence and news.

MedShr's Highlights from ESC Congress 2019

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