MedShr Poll Competition

MedShr Editor
To celebrate the launch of MedShr Polls, we are giving MedShr members a chance to be featured on MedShr and to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

New COVID19 education programme for doctors in Africa and Middle East

Janis Curry
MedShr’s new COVID-19 education programme for Africa and Middle East to include teaching cases, local data and guidance for managing COVID-19 patients in resource-poor environments.

COVID-19 Basics: Looking after yourself

Asif Qasim
An outline of the basics of self-care and keeping safe from COVID-19 based on guidance from the NHS as presented by the BBC. Learn about proper hand hygiene, hand washing technique and how to avoid catching new coronavirus during this pandemic.

MedShr COVID19 Updates - 12noon GMT daily

Asif Qasim
Announcement by Dr Asif Qasim about MedShr Daily Updates by MedShr Open - providing trusted professional information about the COVID-19 pandemic including coronavirus guidelines, up-to-date statistics, research, evidence and news.

MedShr Polls - Beta Release

Janis Curry

MedShr News: It’s about the talk, not the tech

Janis Curry