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The latest advice, data, guidelines and research on COVID-19

COVID-19 Recognition: Using Investigations to Predict Risk

Samantha Goh
Are there lower-cost alternatives or strategies that could help low and middle-income countries with making a diagnosis of COVID-19 during this pandemic? Here is our summary on how investigations can be used in diagnosis and to predict risk of infection.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Weekly Update 25th May 2020

Samantha Goh
The latest updates on the COVID-19 situation worldwide for the week of 19th to 25th May 2020. Highlights this week include a Science Weekly podcast, on whether we should compare the COVID-19 figures across countries. Key publications featured, with a focus on how to predict the risk of severe infection.

Difficult decisions: ethical healthcare resource allocation

Rachel Amber Coles
This article is aimed at healthcare professionals and summarises some key research papers about the ethics of allocation of resources in the Coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19: Call for Clinical Cases

Janis Curry
MedShr founder Dr Asif Qasim urges doctors around the world to share knowledge of COVID-19 with colleagues by posting clinical cases in MedShr's COVID-19 Case Discussion Group.

COVID-19 Resource allocation: Who should get masks?

Samantha Goh
In response to COVID-19 how should we best manage the limited resources of PPE? How will this look for low and middle income countries? Are homemade masks a solution for the general population? Let's explore the evidence behind it.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Weekly Update 18th May 2020

Samantha Goh
COVID-19 weekly updates for May. Focus on evidence behind which materials make good homemade masks, and highlights from the recent publications on the COVID-19 situation in low and middle income countries around the world. joins NHS Project OASIS

Asif Qasim is now supplying anonymous data to the NHS through Project OASIS and has assessed to the NHS Digital Health Technology Standard

Rare condition seen during COVID-19 pandemic in children

Rachel Amber Coles
A new rare condition / syndrome has been noted in children during the coronavirus outbreak, read about what it is, who has been affected, the symptoms, and management.

COVID-19 Prevention - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Advice and Adjuncts

Samantha Goh
With many countries facing shortages of adequate personal protective equipment in the COVID-19 pandemic, what practical steps can we take to reduce risk of exposure and transmission? Are any of the new adjuncts effective or helpful in the healthcare setting?
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