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Developed by doctors, MedShr is the easiest and safest way for medical professionals to discover, discuss and share clinical cases and medical images. Join our community of over 2,000,000 members worldwide, and connect with verified doctors, healthcare professionals and medical students sharing knowledge and learning from each other in a private, professional network.

MedShr has been featured on the  BB​CS​ky NewsThe E​vening StandardThe Teleg​raph and  Metro News

“A revolution in the way Medical Knowledge spreads” ***** - Dr Tzalamouras Basilis, Interventional Cardiology Fellow

“An excellent way of discussing cases” ***** - Dr Layla Thurston, Junior Doctor

“This is amazing – like Instagram meets YouTube for doctors” ***** - Dr Antonio Colombo, Interventional Cardiologist

“Really useful – a must-have for doctors” ***** - Mr Antony Perrera, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Discover and discuss medical images and cases

From ECGs, scans and X-rays to patient photos and videos, MedShr helps you find and discuss relevant medical cases with colleagues, by specialty and at all grades. MedShr is a verified, private network and features a unique in-app system for obtaining patient consent. Follow clinical cases you find interesting and learn from your peers with informal and accredited case based discussion.

Share knowledge with verified members

MedShr is the simple way to capture, share and discuss clinical images and videos in your everyday practice. Create a case, obtain consent and start a discussion all from your mobile. Send medical cases to colleagues, share them with the wider community, export to your e-portfolio or simply organise cases for your personal records. MedShr is a private, professional network that gives you complete control over the privacy of your cases - you can share them with the wider MedShr community or just a single colleague. All members are verified as doctors, healthcare professionals and medical students before gaining access to the platform.

Expand your professional network

Medical students and doctors of all levels are joining MedShr to advance their learning and connect with peers from their university, place of work and across the world. Connect and follow specialists in your field to keep up to date on the latest cases and treatments. Join groups to learn from others, share your findings, or just discuss complex and interesting clinical cases. Medical students, junior doctors and specialist trainees use MedShr groups as a resource for informal learning, ahead of case-based examinations and in aid of their formal training.

Help make a difference

Our community is providing medics in crisis zones and doctors in developing countries with quick access to second and specialist medical opinions so that they can make critical clinical decisions. With your participation, you can collaborate with like-minded professionals and be part of a new frontier in medical education.

“MedShr is a brilliant idea - smartphones connect doctors, making it possible for aid workers to get an instant medical diagnosis” ***** - Rohan Silver, Evening Standard

For support, suggestions and feedback, please contact us at  info@medshr.net.