Mindful in Healthcare

Mindful in Healthcare: The Wellbeing & Performance Course for Healthcare Professionals

Created by Dr Reena Kotecha; physician & organizational well-being consultant specialized in Mindfulness & Compassion based Emotional Intelligence training in Healthcare. 

Through 7 comprehensive modules you will optimize your well-being and supercharge your concentration whilst increasing your productivity and performance. The course is packed with tools to help you manage symptoms of stress and optimise your mental health.

Your patients will benefit too from improved patient communication through active listening and empathy; enhanced clinical decision-making by improving your focus and attention; and increased job satisfaction by finding meaning and purpose in your work. You'll also come away equipped with strategies to improve team dynamics and relationships. 

This self-paced, evidenced-based course created for clinicians by clinicians is packed with videos, guided meditations, reflective exercises and downloadable handouts with infographics to help you as a clinician. 

Module 1 - Mindful attention training to supercharge your focus and concentration

Healthcare environments are full of distractions, and we often find ourselves multi-tasking to keep up. In this module Dr Reena focuses on mindful attention training to supercharge your focus and concentration. She provides a step-by-step process and theory of focused attention practice to help you combat distractions in the healthcare environment.

Module 2 - Using mindfulness to manage stress & effectively manage challenges in healthcare

In this module, Dr Reena explores the problem of stress in healthcare and highlights the research evidence linking mindfulness to stress reduction. She defines what mindfulness is, and teaches you how to use mindfulness tools to effectively manage challenges. The videos include guided mindfulness practices that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.

Module 3 - Response Flexibility training to emotionally regulate and create thoughtful responses in challenging situations

Do you find yourself instinctively reacting to situations at home and at work and then regretting your actions? Mindfulness tools can help us to thoughtfully respond rather than instinctively react. This module teaches you how to develop response flexibility: emotionally regulate and create thoughtful responses in challenging situations. Dr Reena offers guided visualization and meditation practices to help you cope with the 'VUCA' environment of healthcare.

Module 4 - Mindful self-compassion; a positive self management tool for personal wellbeing & professional effectiveness

It’s no secret that healthcare professionals work in a culture of perfectionism and they’re often very self-critical. This can lead to feelings of unworthiness, stress and anxiety. It doesn’t need to be this way; there is a kinder and more effective way of engaging with ourselves. In this module, you'll learn about the positive self-management tool of mindful self-compassion. Dr Reena provides a written reflective practice and defines the components of self-compassion while busting common misconceptions. 

Module 5 - Shift out of the negativity bias using positive psychology practices

Research shows that many clinicians struggle with psychological distress and negativity as a result of their work or working conditions. In this module you’ll learn tools from the area of positive psychology which will help you to identify and savor your positive experiences and emotions in healthcare. This module focuses on positive emotions such as gratitude, joy, hope and more. Dr Reena will also guide you through a gratitude meditation which will help you shift out of the negativity bias.

Module 6 - Effects of sleep disruption on wellbeing and performance of healthcare professionals, and how to minimise it

In Module 6 Dr Reena shares the effects of sleep disruption on wellbeing and performance of healthcare professionals. She also offers you ‘GREAT’ tools for a great night of sleep. ‘GREAT’ is an acronym which encompasses evidence-based tools which will help you to get some snooze. This module also contains a soothing thought cloud meditation practice which helps calm the racing mind just before bed.

Module 7 - Strengthening relationships at work and at home through psychological safety, mindfulness, empathy & compassion practices

This module focuses on strengthening relationships at work and at home. You’ll discover the secret to high performing teams and be offered practical tips to create an environment of psychological safety within your team at work. You’ll also be offered mindfulness awareness tools which will help you to better connect with your friends and loved ones. This module also contains a guided empathy and compassion practice which is known to fuel positive connection with others.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your wellbeing and professional effectiveness. 


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