How COVID-19 affects children: update

Coronavirus and children

RCPCH published some initial data a few weeks ago (read it here) about how COVID-19 has affected children brought to hospital in England.

They have recently shared more information including the latest figures, which show:

  • the number of children being admitted to hospital who have COVID-19 has been constantly rising since mid-March

  • most children only stay 2 days in hospital

  • just over half of children admitted with COVID-19 don't have any other medical conditions

  • the majority of children with COVID-19 had a fever

  • most children with COVID-19 don't need any support with breathing or intensive care

Read their full report here.


RCPCH. COVID-19 - service evaluation and audit on the care needs of children admitted to hospital (England). [Online] Available from: [Accessed 7.5.20]

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