Podcast: MedShr Insights and Early Warning Systems

Founded in 2015 by Dr Asif Qasim, MedShr has gone from strength to strength, winning joint third prize at The Trinity Challenge Awards ceremony in June 2021. Along with creating a trusted environment for doctors and healthcare professionals, the platform provides learning modules, clinical insights across a range of medical conditions, and allows practitioners in all corners of the world to find diagnostic support. Sharing anonymised case data, and using AI and Natural Language Processing, the platform tracks behaviours, clusters of symptoms, and geographical and intersecting trends to support diagnoses, management of diseases and outbreaks, and emerging therapies, such as in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this episode, MedShr's founder, Dr Asif Qasim, and Chief Engagement Officer, Janis Pereira, talk to moderator James Dray (Brunswick Group) about MedShr's origin story, thinking beyond on-paper degrees (English Lit & Middlemarch - yes, you read that correctly!), collaborative working, the ability to reach almost 2 million clinicians in over 195 countries, and the potential for better patient outcomes and improvements in the lives of millions.

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