TechFugees – a tech community response to the European refugee crisis

Just over a week ago the MedShr team attended a fascinating, rapid response conference called Techfugees. 

A small non-profit group, uniting technology experts in London Techfugees was assembled in little over a week by Mike Butcher of TechCrunch. The vibrant London technology community gathered with the aim of using and building tech products to support the refugee crisis.

Techfugees named three primary goals: helping refugees to find their friends and family, creating tool to record crimes and ensuring that Syrians can have democratic voice.

There are serious healthcare issues involved in such uncontrolled mass migration. MedShr is already used by doctors in developing countries and was asked to join Techfugees to provide telemedicine support for doctors and healthcare workers on the ground. There are specific demands in some specialities such as paediatrics where doctors need specialist advice or a second opinion. 

MedShr is also working with partners such as Network Locums to coordinate doctors and medical staff providing pro bono healthcare for refugees when and where they need it.

The Techfugees Hackathon on day 2 made progress in building apps to add to existing products such as MedShr. This Sky News Report below provides further information, and the work so far will already have a tangible positive impact on the refugees.

Technology won’t solve the refugee problem but can make small differences that could save lives and give reason for hope.

TechFugees – a tech community response to the European refugee crisis

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