Alex Mehta - our enthusiastic student editor from Cheshire

Alex is our enthusiastic student editor from Cheshire.

He is a 4th year medical student at St George’s, University of London. We were keen to know more about Alex, so we asked a few questions.

MedShr: Who/what inspired you to study medicine?

Alex: I like to know how things work. I used to design and take apart IT systems but I wanted to work with a system that was much more unpredictable so I took a chance on the human body and it hasn’t disappointed! I think the way we can sometimes intervene is quite amazing but then on the other hand there are just some things that are unfixable and nature really does have the final say - for now anyway.

MedShr: What area of medicine are you particularly interested in?

Alex: I like to see things and do things so emergency medicine, surgery, interventional radiology, gastro medicine, O&G…lots of things!

MedShr: Aside from a stethoscope, if you could choose one piece of medical equipment would it be?

Alex: I saw a hand-held portable ultrasound machine the other day. Yes please.

MedShr: Do you have an interesting hobby or hidden talent?

Alex: From a young age, my talent for laser quest shone through.

MedShr: What case on MedShr has been of most educational value for you?

Alex: Back Pain (Alysha Bhatti) - because it’s so common but you have to be aware of red flags and know what to do in an emergency.

Thanks Alex, from the MedShr team!


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