CPD credits now available for MedShr cases!

In recognition of the educational value of creating and sharing a clinical case, MedShr cases that meet four key criteria will be awarded CPD credits starting 1st August 2018. We are working in partnership with CPD UK, and for high quality cases, meeting core requirements for professional development, the MedShr member who created the case will receive 30 minutes of CPD credits.

The CPD accreditation framework for MedShr cases

MedShr CPD accreditation has a simple framework, with credits awarded if a case meets the following criteria:
  1. Clinical case addresses a specific aspect of clinical practice or engages members in discussion on a topic within clinical practice
  2. Sufficient clinical information in the case description that may be supported by case images or videos to allow members to understand the context
  3. At least one specific question or discussion point
  4. Evidence that the case creator has reflected or engaged in discussion on the clinical issues raised
In order for your case to be eligible for accreditation, all you need to do is select the 'Request CPD accreditation for creating this case' option before you publish your MedShr case. Once your case has been reviewed and accepted, you can export your accredited case as a PDF for your records, as shown below. [caption id="attachment_528" align="alignnone" width="670"]Example-of-an-exported-CPD-accredited-MedShr-case Example of an accredited MedShr case[/caption]

Create a case on MedShr to get your CPD credits

MedShr was developed to allow quick and simple clinical case sharing and discussion, whilst protecting patient privacy and in compliance with HIPAA, GMC and GDPR. It only takes a few minutes to create and share a case, and now you can request CPD accreditation with a one-click review request before your MedShr the case. See how to MedShr a case below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC65Ex1F1dc

Clinical case discussion is an essential part of a doctors professional development

“We are delighted to now offer CPD credits for members to create and share their cases – we know that this is an essential part of developing and maintaining a high quality patient care,” says Founder and CEO, Dr Asif Qasim. MedShr allows you to share cases as part of your daily practice, and receive CPD credits towards your training or appraisal portfolio. “Clinical case discussion is a powerful tool for a doctors to learn from one another”, says Dr Qasim. “Discussing cases allows doctors to reflect on their daily practice and translate evidence from discussion into better patient care.” Do you want to earn CPD credits through MedShr? Create a case today!

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