It’s Trauma Week at MedShr!

It’s Trauma Week at MedShr!

Today at MedShr, we are launching Trauma Week - a whole week dedicated to posting the trauma cases you come across in your practice. If you’ve dealt with a concussion, amputation, or even brain injury, we encourage you to share trauma cases this week using the hashtag #TraumaWeek in the title. Discover, discuss, and share anything from minor to critical, or rare to common trauma cases. 

We will also be running a case competition for this week’s feature on trauma cases! Simply use the hashtag #TraumaWeek in your case title and your case will be automatically entered to win Case of the Week.

We encourage you to join MedShr’s Trauma Meeting Group - whether you want to connect with orthopaedic surgeons or other members of the trauma team, or if you’re a student wanting to expand your knowledge on trauma cases. For example, take a look at some cases featured in the group:

MedShr’s Trauma Meeting Group

Don’t forget to encourage your colleagues to share their trauma cases during Trauma Week. You can invite them to join the conversation using the share icon when you post your case. Happy #TraumaWeek!

Explore trending cases in the MedShr’s Trauma Meeting Group:


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