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Cookies are small text files stored by your web browser (e.g Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer). They are usually used by websites to allow you to log in, to help keep certain functions secure, and to find out about the popularity and usage of a website.

How does MedShr use cookies?

MedShr uses cookies for a number of purposes, listed below.

1. Allowing members to register and log in

The main use of cookies on MedShr is to provide access to members-only areas. This includes:

  • A "session" cookie which keeps you logged in while browsing MedShr
  • An optional "recall" cookie, which automatically logs you in next time you visit MedShr
  • If you log in using Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, those services may set also cookies in your web browser

2. Security

Cookies help us to secure access to MedShr, and to help combat spam and phishing attempts.

3. Analytics and research

We use cookies to help us better understand how our members use MedShr so that we can improve the service.

4. Social media cookies

If you choose to share content to social media, those services may also set cookies in your web browser. Please consult their privacy policies for more details.

How to control which cookies are accepted by your browser.

Your browser has settings allowing you to adjust who can set cookies when you visit a website. While disabling cookies completely is possible, it will make many websites unusable. Disabling third-party cookies is usually the most practical option. Find out more at