Verification on MedShr

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MedShr is a safe & secure network for verified medical and dental professionals.

All MedShr members are verified as doctors, medical students, dental or healthcare professionals.

Before you can start viewing & discussing cases and networking on MedShr, your account needs to be verified. Verification protects patient confidentiality and maintains the integrity of clinical discussions by ensuring that our platform is a private, professional and secure network.

Who can join MedShr?

Doctors, medical students, dentists, dental students, nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists are just some of healthcare professionals that can use MedShr. If you are a registered healthcare professional, please sign up!

How can I get verified?

If you have provided us with your institutional or academic email address,  i.e.

1. Check your inbox for an email from MedShr (do check your junk or spam folder)

2. Click on the confirmation link in the email that we sent you

We will then be able verify your account using your confirmed institutional or academic email.

If you have provided us with a personal email address,  i.e., you will need to verify your account through other means. 

If you are a doctor, dentist, nurse or registered healthcare professional, please send us either:

  • a photo of your professional photo ID card, or
  • proof of clinical / dental practice (e.g. professional registration certificate or clinical / dental degree certificate)

If you are a student, please send us either:

  • a photo of your student photo ID card (please make sure that proof of your field of study is visible), or
  • proof of study in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing or in another relevant field (e.g. enrolment letter or academic transcript)

Please email us at with your supporting documents to verify your account.

MedShr is committed to maintaining the security & confidentiality of your personal information and we only use it for verification purposes.

If you have problems registering, difficulty logging in, or want an update on your verification status, please contact us at