Coronavirus COVID-19 Daily Update 16th April 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 Daily Update 16th April 2020

This update will be published daily at 12pm GMT and aims to provide clinicians and the public with an overview of the latest data, guidelines, key publications and policy around COVID-19, with links to essential resources and information.

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Global Impact of COVID-19 to Date

As of 16th April 09:00 (GMT)

COVID-19 Cumulative Global Cases

As of 15th April 09:00 (GMT)

COVID-19 Global Active Cases Map

As of 16th April 09:00 GMT

Total UK COVID-19 Cases

As of 15th April

NB: Public Health England has now moved to a different reporting time for UK COVID-19 fatalities, as family consent is now needed to release mortality statistics. Hence the reported figures may not actually be the deaths that have taken place over the past 24 hours, meaning caution needs to be exercised when comparing figures from one day to the next.

COVID-19 Cumulative UK Cases

As of 15th April

COVID-19 Daily UK Cases

As of 15th April

Covid-19 outbreaks in Arab countries

As of 16th April 2020

Effects of COVID-19

COVID-19 Key Data

Countries begin with similar trajectories but curves diverge based on demographics and measures taken

As of 13th April 2020

Countries with the widest testing tend to have the fewest cases per 1,000 people

As of 13th April 2020

Estimates of the number of asymptomatic patients, case fatality ratio, and infection window continue to evolve

As of 13th April 2020

There are over 80 vaccine candidates and 130 therapeutic candidates in development for COVID-19

As of 13th April 2020

Latest Developments


Middle East


Latest COVID-19 Publications

Some key recent publications to be aware of:

Visualizing Speech-Generated Oral Fluid Droplets with Laser Light Scattering

Published 15th April 2020

Aerosols and droplets generated during speech have been implicated in the person-to-person transmission of viruses and there is current interest in understanding the mechanisms responsible for the spread of Covid-19 by these means. This article reports the results of a laser light-scattering experiment in which speech-generated droplets and their trajectories were visualized, and qualitatively describes the effect of a damp cloth cover over the mouth to curb the emission of droplets.

Seasonal Influenza Activity During the SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak in Japan

Published 10th April 2020

Results on estimated change in influenza activity after the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak using a “difference-in-difference” regression model, using a variable each week representing the average difference in influenza activity per week for the 2019/2020 season vs the 2014 to 2019 seasons before the outbreak (week 1-11), and interaction variables for each week after the outbreak and the 2019/2020 season. Seasonal influenza activity was lower in 2020 than in previous years in Japan. Influenza activity may have been affected by temperature or virulence. However, the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak may have changed detection of influenza through changes in symptomatic individuals seeking medical attention.

Association of Public Health Interventions With the Epidemiology of the COVID-19 Outbreak in Wuhan, China

Published 10th April 2020

Study correlating rates of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 infections with public health interventions in Wuhan, China, From 8th December 2019 to 8th March 2020. A series of multifaceted public health interventions was temporally associated with improved control of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China. These findings may inform public health policy in other countries and regions.

The Mental Health Consequences of COVID-19 and Physical DistancingThe Need for Prevention and Early Intervention

Published 10th April 2020

Opinion paper on mental health in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears likely that there will be substantial increases in anxiety and depression, substance use, loneliness, and domestic violence; and with schools closed, there is a very real possibility of an epidemic of abuse.

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