Coronavirus COVID-19 Daily Update 22nd March 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 Daily Update 22nd March 2020

This update will be published daily at 12pm GMT and aims to provide clinicians and the public with an overview of the latest data, guidelines, key publications and policy around COVID-19, with links to essential resources and information.

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Global Impact of COVID-19 to Date

As of 22nd March 10:00 (GMT)

COVID-19 Cumulative Global Cases

As of 21st March 09:00 (GMT)

COVID-19 Global Active Cases Map

As of 22nd March 10:00 GMT

Total UK COVID-19 Cases

As of 21st March 09:00 (GMT)

COVID-19 Cumulative UK Cases

As of 21st March 09:00 (GMT)

COVID-19 Daily UK Cases

As of 21st March 09:00 (GMT)

COVID-19: Actions and results in Kentucky and Tennessee

This chart of the difference between what has happened in Kentucky vs. Tennessee is incredibly compelling. 

Positive COVID-19 cases in Michigan

Michigan positive COVID cases are growing linearly rather than exponentially. This linear growth and high 32% positive suggest limited test availability and that this is an underestimate.

Source: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Coronavirus T days after respective region's outbreak

Source: J. P. Morgan

Infections per 1 million people by country

Source: J. P. Morgan

COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and surfaces: rapid time-decay of viral load

Source: J. P. Morgan

Some promising news in development of anti-viral medications

Source: J. P. Morgan

Reproduction and Fatality for Selected Human Viruses

This graph provides a comparison of the reproduction number and case-fatality ratio of COVID-19 against other viruses.

COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate by Age

The elderly are at a greatly increased risk of mortality.

Latest COVID-19 Publications

Some key recent publications to be aware of:

This study describes the clinical characteristics of 138 hospitalized patients with novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)–infected pneumonia (NCIP) and compares severe cases who received intensive care unit (ICU) care with non-severe cases who did not receive ICU care.

Response to COVID-19 in Taiwan

Big Data Analytics, New Technology, and Proactive Testing

Published 3rd March 2020

Taiwan’s government learned from its 2003 SARS experience and established a public health response mechanism for enabling rapid actions for the next crisis. Well-trained and experienced teams of officials were quick to recognise the crisis and activated emergency management structures to address the emerging outbreak. Given the continual spread of COVID-19 around the world, understanding the action items that were implemented quickly in Taiwan and assessing the effectiveness of these actions in preventing a large-scale epidemic may be instructive for other countries.

Author: Dr Daniel Livingstone, MedShr - Health Education England Fellow

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