Coronavirus COVID-19 Daily Update 28th March 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 Daily Update 28th March 2020

This update will be published daily at 12pm GMT and aims to provide clinicians and the public with an overview of the latest data, guidelines, key publications and policy around COVID-19, with links to essential resources and information.

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Global Impact of COVID-19 to Date

As of 28th March 08:30 (GMT)

COVID-19 Cumulative Global Cases

As of 27th March 09:00 (GMT)

COVID-19 Global Active Cases Map

As of 28th March 08:30 GMT

Total UK COVID-19 Cases

As of 27th March

NB: Public Health England has now moved to a different reporting time for UK COVID-19 fatalities, as family consent is now needed to release mortality statistics. Hence the reported figures may not actually be the deaths that have taken place over the past 24 hours, meaning caution needs to be exercised when comparing figures from one day to the next.

COVID-19 Cumulative UK Cases

As of 27th March

COVID-19 Daily UK Cases

As of 27th March

Latest Developments

A new FDA-authorised test can detect COVID-19 in as little as 5 minutes

The UK, Spain, Italy see biggest daily rise in deaths

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Europe, Middle East and North Africa

As of 28th March 2020

Source: The Guardian

The virus has spread worldwide despite containment efforts

As of 25th March 2020

Are Things Getting Better or Worse?

This graph shows the percentage of the total number of cases that occurred in the last 10 days for each country. This is plotted relative to the first day where more than 1 confirmed case per million people appeared. The size of the point represents the number of cases

As of 27th March 2020

Countries begin with similar trajectories but curves diverge based on range of measures taken

As of 25th March 2020

Western countries are largely instituting the "Early China model," focused on immediate containment while ramping up testing

As of 25th March 2020


Italy records 969 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours

As the country scales testing, the effects of national lockdown on viral transmission have yet to be determined

As of 25th March 2020


Rapid lockdowns were employed to manage outbreak before ramping up testing and response capabilities

As of 25th March 2020


US becomes first country to exceed 100,000 cases

Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count

As of 28th March 2020

Modelling published in the New York Times shows why social distancing cannot be quickly or prematurely relaxed.

South Korea: Rigorous investigation of outbreak clusters and rapidly scaled testing capabilities limited spread

As of 25th March 2020

Latest COVID-19 Publications

Some key recent publications to be aware of:

CT morphology of COVID-19: Case report and review of literature

Published 26th March 2020

This article presents a case with COVID-19 pneumonia and provides an overview of the existing radiological literature on COVID-19.

Author: Dr Daniel Livingstone, MedShr - Health Education England Fellow

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