#COVID-19 Treatment with Tocilizumab shows promise

Trial data indicates monoclonal antibody Tocilizumab significantly improves outcome of COVID-19 patients with moderate and severe pneumonia

The CORIMUNO-TOCI trial looked at adult patients with novel coronavirus infection:

  • This series of multi-centre randomised controlled trials ran over the last month

  • Tocilizumab blocks interleukin-6 cytokine receptor - thought to be implicated in the pathogenesis of COVID-19 through a 'cytokine storm'

  • 129 patients were randomised to receive normal care with (64) or without (65) Tocilizumab

  • Only patients admitted to hospital with moderate or severe COVID-19 pneumonia who did not require intensive care on admission to hospital were included

  • Significantly fewer patients in the group treated with Tocilizumab required ventillation or had died by day 14

  • Longer follow-up is required, as well as confirmation by additional trials

  • This paper has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal but information was shared ahead of publication by the authors

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