New Report on UK ITU Outcomes

Intensive care national audit and research centre (ICNARC) released a report on 27th March of the first 775 patients requiring critical care with COVID-19 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

-Of the cohort 79 patients died (47.9%), 86 were discharged alive (52.1%) and the remainder were still receiving critical care at the time of reporting

-Data show the median length of stay for patients was 3 days in survivors and 4 days in non-survivors

-The mean age at admission was 60.2 years

-Of admissions, 70.5% were male and 29.5% were female 

-For 78.7% the acute severity was known to be a requirement for mechanical ventilation

-The majority did not have comorbidities

Location of critical care admissions across the England, Wales and Northern Ireland:

London hospitals, the South East of England and Birmingham have had the highest number of critical care admissions.

Age and sex of admissions to critical care:

Co-morbidities in critical care patients:

The table below shows the number of patients with each co-morbidity.

Outcome of admissions to ITU over time:

Outcome of critical care admission by patient sub-group:

Read the full report


ICNARC. ICNARC report on COVID-19 in critical care 27 March 2020. Available from: [Acessed 30.3.20]

Post written by Dr Rachel Coles, paediatric trainee, on 30th March 2020.

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