Q&A Session from RCP

Key points

  • Speciality specific guidance is being gathered and posted to RCP website 

  • NSAIDs not recommended in COVID-19 (avoid or stop them) - read more on this debate from BMJ here

  • Current advice is continue angiotensin receptor blockers and ace inhibitors until further evidence available 

  • PHE working on a serological test and making good progress

  • Sensitivity of current tests not accurately known

  • Evidence base for treatment developing rapidly - possibility for chloroquine working but not yet clear

  • Clinical trials ongoing but treatments should not be routinely prescribed outside of trial setting

  • Clinical academics can return to training, most big funders have agreed to extend funding 

  • All those who left GMC register in last 3 years have had their status reinstated automatically without charge 

  • Testing for staff being scaled up

  • Coronavirus bill released yesterday which includes comments on indemnity

  • Clear guidance will be emerging on escalation in specific patient groups

View recorded live stream here

Written by Dr Rachel Coles on 26th March 2020


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