Coronavirus COVID-19 Weekly Update 24th August 2020

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Weekly update published on MedShr: 24th August 2020
Last updated: 24th August 2020

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Weekly Update 24th August 2020

This update will be published weekly at 12pm GMT on Mondays and aims to provide clinicians and the public with an overview of the latest data, guidelines, key publications and policy around COVID-19, with links to essential resources and information.

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Global Impact of COVID-19 to Date

As of 24th Aug 09:00 (GMT)

COVID-19 Cumulative Global Cases

As of 24th Aug 09:00 (GMT)

Total UK COVID-19 Cases

As of 24th Aug 09:00 (GMT) - Data for 24 hour period on 23-08-20

Total UK daily cases over past month

COVID-19 in the African Region

As of 24th Aug 09:00 (GMT) - Data for 24 hour period on 23-08-20

COVID-19 in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

As of 24th Aug 09:00 (GMT) - Data for 24 hour period on 23-08-20

Latest Developments:


WHO: WHO Regional Director introduces Surge Team of Experts to South African Government

WHO: Continued delivery of Immunization Services in the context of COVID-19 pandemic

WHO: Zambia’s COVID-19 home-based care relieves health facilities

WHO: Heroes from the Namibian COVID health front-line: An epidemiologist’s narrative

WHO: The Republic of Korea and WHO sign new Memorandum of Understanding, committing US$ 6 million in COVID-19 PCR test kits for 24 countries in the African region

WHO in the African Region: COVID-19

Eastern Mediterranean

WHO: Afghanistan - Health workers on the frontline against COVID-19

WHO: Facing a virus while setting up data systems to fight the virus 

WHO in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: COVID-19

United Kingdom

BMJ: Public Health England is axed in favour of new health protection agency

BMJ: How covid-19 has highlighted the importance of design as well as price in the NHS supply chain

BBC: Coronavirus: What are the risks of opening schools?

UK Government Advice

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK

Global Health

WHO: Countries must expand services to cope with mental health effects of COVID-19 pandemic, PAHO Director says

WHO: WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 - 18 August 2020

BBC: US allows emergency use of blood plasma treatment for coronavirus patients

BBC: Ten countries kept out Covid. But did they win?

BMJ: Covid-19: Where are we on immunity and vaccines?

WHO: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Join the World Health Organization's #WearAMask Challenge

Educational Resources: Controlling the Virus

WHO: COVID-19 Course Series

"Real-time training during global emergencies is critical for effective preparedness and response. The COVID-19 channel provides learning resources for health professionals, decision-makers and the public for the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)." (WHO 2020)

BBC: "This is what coronavirus will do to our offices and homes"

Check out this BBC article considering what office space and remote working may look like in five years time

Latest COVID-19 Publications and Guidelines:

Nature: Coronavirus research updates: Vaccines given through the nose could protect against infection

BMC: Epidemiological and clinical features of pediatric COVID-19

Guo, C., He, L., Yin, J. et al. Epidemiological and clinical features of pediatric COVID-19. BMC Med 18, 250 (2020).

The Lancet: Automated and partly automated contact tracing: a systematic review to inform the control of COVID-19

Braithwaite I, Callender T, Bullock M, Aldridge RW. Automated and partly automated contact tracing: a systematic review to inform the control of COVID-19. The Lancet Digital Health, Volume 0, Issue 0. DOI:

Public Health Emergency COVID-19 Initiative - PubMed Central

An open collection of COVID-19 and coronavirus-related publications, and the available data supporting them, from over 50 publishers to support the ongoing public health emergency response efforts (PMC).

Weekly Update by Dr Ryan Broll, MedShr Open Editorial Team, Medical Education Fellow

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