#COVID19 Why should HCPs wear FFP masks?

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan we have a range of PPE used by healthcare professionals to protect themselves from infection. Current guidance from Public Health England recommends FFP3 masks for staff performing or close to aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) or in areas where CPAP or high flow nasal oxygen cannulae are used. However, for most clinical staff - even in COVID19 wards - the recommendation is for surgical masks.

This study from the HSE in 2008 shows why all staff should be provided with FFP masks:

FFP masks provide a 100 fold protection against viral particles compared to surgical masks.

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Seems very good the problem around here is that there is not mask of anytime available. I need to myself one perplex mask very long going under the chin and wait andsee

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