The Dermatology Eye - Developing Visual Literacy with MedShr

‘The Dermatology Eye’ – that’s what we call it. Otherwise known as visual literacy, it’s the ability dermatologists have to be able to look at a rash or lesion and seemingly instantly identify the diagnosis or underlying pathology. But it’s not magic or genius – everyone has a ‘dermatology eye’ - but it needs to be developed and worked on through experience and purposeful practice. We are often reminded that there are over 2,000 skin diseases known to man but only a handful of them are seen in day to day clinical practice. Rare conditions – like erythema gyratum repens or harlequin ichthyosis – could potentially never be seen by many dermatologists. Therefore, we rely heavily on case reports and expensive, well-illustrated textbooks to learn about conditions that we potentially may never come across. So developing a dermatology eye can be much more challenging than just spending a few years as a registrar; it can literally take decades.
medshr dermatology clinical case of a granuloma annulare
And that’s the beauty of MedShr: it is a gateway to purposeful practice via the global sharing of images and cases. If you want to develop your own visual literacy – your ‘dermatology eye’ – then go to MedShr and start practicing. And share your weird and wonderful ‘once in a career, never to be seen again’ cases with the MedShr community. It’s quicker and easier than writing up a case in a journal, and will probably reach a much larger audience considering that the MedShr community is growing rapidly every day. And you get immediate feedback from colleagues when you stumble across something truly rare or a variation of something more common that you haven’t seen before. So, when you see it, MedShr it – and develop your dermatology eye quicker than you thought possible. dermatology eye phrase to make accurate diagnosis on patients Join Dr Spierings in MedShr’s Dermatology Group! Check out some of the latest cases in Dermatology:  
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