New: Rare Disease Discussion Group for Medical Professionals

In the lead up to Rare Disease Day (February 29th, 2020), medical professionals around the world have been sharing knowledge and cases in the new Rare Disease Discussion Group on MedShr.

There are between 5,000 and 8,000 diseases which are classified as ‘rare diseases’. On average, it takes most rare disease patients eight years to receive an accurate diagnosis. By that time, they have typically seen 10 specialists and have been misdiagnosed three times. 

Awareness and education is the most important factor when it comes to reducing diagnostic delay, improving care coordination and providing the best treatment and support to patients.

Every day, tens of thousands of physicians on MedShr are exposed to unusual cases, many of them rare diseases. From index of suspicion to genetic testing, case discussion on the platform allows doctors to safely share knowledge and learning around cases they may rarely see. 

In advance of Rare Disease Day, we have launched Rare Disease Discussion Group on MedShr to bring together both generalists and specialists to share, discuss, and explore rare and unusual clinical cases. From paediatricians and geneticists, to cardiologists and haematologists, you’re invited to join and share your knowledge, expertise and experience, helping patients get the correct diagnosis and the best care possible.

Health Awareness have launched a 2020 Rare Diseases campaign featuring exclusive content from key thought leaders and industry voices in the run up to Rare Disease Day 2020.
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Join the discussions below and post your own cases and diagnostic dilemmas in the group.

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