LetsBeatCOVID.net joins NHS Project OASIS

LetsBeatCOVID.net joins NHS Project OASIS

The https://letsbeatcovid.net/ web app was developed and rapidly deployed in March 2020 to support members of the public around the world with advice on their COVID19 status, and provide anonymous data to support public health and care providers

We are pleased to announce that https://letsbeatcovid.net/ is now supplying anonymous data to the NHS through Project OASIS and has assessed to the NHS Digital Health Technology Standard 

The main aims of https://letsbeatcovid.net/ are to

•       Provide members of the public with personalised, reliable, advice

•       Supply data to the NHS and WHO on COVID disease burden and isolation behaviour

•       Learn about COVID-19 clinical features, natural history and epidemiology

Capturing useful data using https://letsbeatcovid.net/

•       COVID status

•       Symptoms and duration

•       Isolation behaviour and duration

•       Social distancing behaviour and duration

•       Work travel

•       Mask or face covering

•       Age, gender, co-morbidities

•       Location

https://letsbeatcovid.net/ Key Features

•       Mobile first web app

•       No download or sign up required

•       Simple UX+UI design to engage a broad public audience

•       Advice to users from PHE, WHO and CDC

•       Option for users to update status without registration or sign up

•       No location tracking

•       Rapid design, quick release, iteration


First team https://letsbeatcovid.net/ design meeting           19.03.20

LetsBeatCOVID.net launch                                                     24.03.20


Please take a minute to complete or update your https://letsbeatcovid.net/ survey and share widely on social media and through your WhatsApp groups and contacts.


The OASIS project is collecting data that is required by the NHS to understand the spread of COVID-19 at a national and local level, it is not looking at individual citizens or their individual medical needs.

This will include https://letsbeatcovid.net/ data around symptoms and all information will be anonymous. jHub, acting as the Data Processor, will take further steps to ensure the data received is anonymised.


The NHS OASIS platform has been subject to extensive review from a cyber security perspective and Project OASIS is subject to strict controls that meet the requirements of data protection legislation. All data from https://letsbeatcovid.net/

 is encrypted in both transit and storage.

Please take a minute to complete or update your https://letsbeatcovid.net/ survey and share widely on social media and through your WhatsApp groups and contacts.

LetsBeatCOVID Senior Team

This technology solution was devised by Dr Asif Qasim, Consultant Cardiologist & Founder MedShr, and  https://letsbeatcovid.net/  was developed by MedShr, NHS doctors and Leeds University Institute of Data Analytics on a pro bono basis with no funding supported with resources from MedShr Ltd

Dr Asif Qasim, Consultant Cardiologist, Founder and CEO, MedShr

Jude Venn, Co-Founder and CTO, MedShr

Paul Jackman, Head of Design, Third Space Learning  

Janis Curry, Head of Growth and Engagement, MedShr

Prof Chris Gale, Prof of Cardiovascular Medicine, Hon Consultant Cardiologist, Co-Director Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, University of Leeds

Dr Layik Hama, Researcher University of Leeds Institute for Data Analytics


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